Lettings Policy

The purpose of the Management Committee is to responsibly manage the Hall as a valuable local asset and to maintain it as a viable venue for local community groups and events.

Accordingly, it has been the strict policy for many years not to allow alcohol on the premises or to accept bookings for  adult functions of any kind e.g. weddings, Christenings, teen parties or adult celebrations of children’s birthdays.  While many potential hirers would doubtless behave impeccably, past experience has shown that many would not.  Sadly, only by having a total exclusion of all adult functions have we been able to protect the fabric of the hall and the rights of our neighbours while avoiding accusations of partiality to one group or another.

Cleaning: Users are required to leave the hall in the condition that they found it by tidying and cleaning up after themselves and removing any waste.  All the necessary cleaning equipment is provided.